Hello, my name is Trudi and I am a qualified hypnotherapist. 

I have a Diploma in Clinical & Advanced Hypnotherapy, Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma and a certificate in Neuro Linguistic Programming.  My PLR training has been carried out by the National Council of Psychotherapists.  My background is in social sciences, and I also have a Master of Philosophy Degree in Housing Studies.   

I am fully insured, trained to the highest standards and comply with the National Council of Hypnotherpy's  Code of Conduct.

Your own mind is a more powerful tool than most people recognise.  I’m fascinated by the untapped potential we all have in our sub-conscious to improve our lives and well-being.  I love to see the benefits that hypnotherapy can bring to people. For example, someone suffering from stress may also experience muscle tension, a change to their appetite or even IBS. Hypnotherapy can help with the mental condition and in turn alleviate related physical symptoms.  Alternatively, someone who has gained or lost a lot of weight can suffer from low self-esteem.  Hypnotherapy can support someone in their weight management journey and also help build self-belief, self-value and self-confidence.


If you are considering hypnotherapy but are unsure about what to expect please get in touch.  Ask all the questions you have and take a bit of time to go and have a think about whether this therapy is right for you. 


Bartonholm Gardens | Irvine | Ayrshire |  KA12 8TD | 07564 193 002

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