Hypnotherapy can help with:

Low Self Esteem & Confidence

In a world where beauty is the result of Photoshop and social media gives the impression that every else leads a full and exiting life, many people have insecurities, little self belief or lack confidence.  This often results in self consciousness, lost opportunities and a lack of general happiness.  Why should anyone feel like that when hypnotherapy can tailor treatment to your individual circumstances and help encourage your mind to be a supportive partner in life rather than one that gives worry and doubt.  Meanwhile, why not try our free download "Self Confidence" to get an idea of what therapy would be like, and start building your confidence.


Stress & Anxiety

Most issues which affect us in modern life can be traced to stress and anxiety.  Perhaps it is our reliance on technology, with social media causing us to compare ourselves to others or the continual bombardment of information.  Whatever the cause, conditions from substance misuse to IBS, negative thinking to insomnia, poor concentration to an inability to relax can all be the result of stress.  However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Self-doubt, nail biting, feelings of being overwhelmed, a failure to look after yourself, weight loss or gain and unexplained aches and pains can all be the result of living with stress, and this is by no means an exhaustive list.  Hypnotherapy is an effective way of dealing with stress and its associated conditions. Meanwhile, why don't you click here to try our 21 day anxiety challenge.




While fear is a necessary and important part of survival, a phobia is an unreasonable fear response.  There are no poisonous spiders in the UK, but some people are still terrified of them.  Flying is statistically safer than driving, but there are people who drive everywhere who won’t even consider getting on a plane.  Phobia becomes a problem though when it starts to limit the opportunities people have in life.  Hypnotherapy can help you overcome a phobia and move on with your life.

Pain Management


Pain is a paradox.  Our ability to feel pain acts as a signal that something has went wrong in our bodies and needs to be addressed.  However, we can continue to feel pain long after the message has been received and we are taking steps to rectify the issue.  By this time, pain isn’t serving a purpose, instead it is causing suffering and discomfort.  Hypnotherapy can help people living with chronic pain find relief. 


A word of caution, while hypnotherapy can help with pain management - it won't cure the condition that is causing the pain.  If you have arthritis the discomfort can be helped but the arthritis will still be there. 

Weight Management

Keeping yourself at a your ideal weight is a powerful move towards health, well-being and confidence.   But it is important to remember that everyone's ideal weight is different. Height, build, muscle tone are all important factors.   

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is a measure of whether you are a healthy weight for your height.  BMI does have it's limitations, but it is a good starting point for checking if you need to loose weight.  Click here to calculate your BMI.

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