Hypnosis is a non-invasive, powerful and gentle process that empowers you to effect positive change.  

Hypnotic trance is a natural state which we all regularly slip in and out of.  Anytime you have got lost in a good book, drove on 'auto-pilot' or found yourself daydreaming, you have been in a light trance. For clinical hypnotherapy you are generally in a light to medium trance.


Hypnosis works by relaxing the conscious part of your mind (the part you are aware of, or the voice in your head). By relaxing this part of your mind, your more ‘open-minded’ sub conscious is able to consider the changes suggested, which you have agreed with your therapist.


The important thing to remember is that during hypnotherapy, it is still your mind and you are still in control of it. People often ask if they can be made to do something out of character (for some reason they seem to think of chickens!).  The short answer is NO.  Hypnotherapy cannot make you act in a way you wouldn’t want to.  Nor would a reputable and qualified therapist ask you to behave in such a manner.


Your first session lasts for approximately 90 minutes, and future sessions for about an hour.  The first session is longer because your therapist will spend time talking to you, getting to know you, gathering information on what is troubling you and giving you time to ask any questions you have. 


People say that when they are hypnotised, they feel very relaxed but lucid. They are aware of what is going on and what is being said to them and can remember these details afterwards. Imagine the safe, comfortable and relaxed feeling just before you fall asleep for the night. You can hear people speaking to you, you know what they are saying, and you can reply.  That is what hypnotherapy is like for most people.

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